Still fresh as a daisy and so futuristic, love Massive Attack.  This song inspires me.


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Thank you Dr Allen Bonilla, one of the best Doctors in LA.  Not many people understand that I and many others suffer from this condition.  Get educated, find out what it is and why I turn done many social events. Costochondritis can disappear for weeks and then come back with a vengeance, it’s not easy, so take it easy until the pain passes.


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Loving my new hair – All part of my complete image overhaul 2018


Best Salon in Essex!

From Geek to Chic…Hopefully! (Glasses optional)


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Goals, my darling, Goals

CAPRICORN – World Domination always!




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I managed to catch the last night of  ‘Songs for Nobodies’ production at Wiltons Music Hall which was fantastic, but the venue itself is another hidden gem in London’s East End and definitely worth a visit.

Wilton’s began life as five houses – 1 to 4 Graces Alley and 19 Wellclose Square. Originally built in the 1690s as individual houses, the buildings have had various alterations and reconstructions over the years including being combined by John Wilton in the 1860s. The largest house (1 Graces Alley) was an alehouse dating from the first half of the 18th century, serving the Scandinavian sea captains and wealthy merchants who lived in neighbouring Wellclose Square. From c.1826, the alehouse was also known as The Mahogany Bar, reputedly because the landlord was the first to install a mahogany bar and fittings in his pub. In 1839 a concert room was built behind the pub and the building’s life as a venue began. In 1843 the alehouse was licensed for a short time as The Albion Saloon – a saloon theatre, legally permitted to stage full-length plays.  I love that old theatre atmosphere (similar to the old Electric cinema in Notting Hill) and liked looking at the old artefacts, objects, old flyers and pictures of performers.



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This is for us naturally slim bunnies, who want to tone up!

Contrary to popular belief, being skinny doesn’t equate to being fit. Skinny people who don’t exercise regularly are prone to having low fitness levels, low muscle tone and decreased endurance. You can get fit, however, by following some general fitness and health tips to help you get stronger and in better shape. In addition to a regular fitness routine, you should eat a nutritious diet that consists of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and healthy fats to improve heart health, muscle growth and energy levels.

1. Firstly, what routine works for you – Different things work for different people – some prefer to exercise at home and some prefer the gym; some prefer a flexible exercise schedule and others need regimented time slots devoted to exercise; some like to mix it up and some prefer to do the same exercises in the same sequence. You’re more likely to adhere to your exercise plan if it fits your style.  Personally, I prefer to exercise at home, never even been to a gym, only once to meet someone there after work.

2. Strength training  – Increases muscle mass in the body for toned muscles. You will need to increase the ratio of lean muscle mass in the body versus fat to achieve a fit, well-defined physique. Aim to complete two to three strength-training sessions per week with exercises that target all of the major muscle groups including the shoulders, arms, back, chest, legs, gluteals and core. A circuit-training program of back-to-back exercises will keep your heart rate up to improve heart health as well. A sample workout may include squats, lateral raises, crunches, biceps curls, seated rows and walking lunges. Do each exercise for one minute before switching to the next for a total of three circuits.

2. Do cardio exercise – Three to four times per week to improve heart and lung health. While cardio is great for the heart, it also burns calories for weight loss. If you are already skinny, you will need to avoid lengthy cardio sessions that can lead to further weight loss. Instead of hour-long jogs, aim to do short 30-minute sessions that are of moderate to high intensity. You can also change up the intensity of sessions by adding a few 20- to 30-second sprints into a 30-minute run or bike ride. This helps elevate the heart rate but avoids the risk of muscle loss from long cardio sessions.

3. Mix it up with challenges – Keeping up with your long-term routine can get a little stale. Throw in a weekly challenge when you feel your motivation lagging.  Lift heavier weights to gain muscles. You may see people lifting lighter weights for a lot of repetitions; this can aid in increasing muscular endurance and toning, however, it will not create muscle hypertrophy. In order to grow muscles and increase strength, you will need to lift heavy for fewer repetitions. Pick a weight you can lift approximately eight to 10 times maximum before fatigue sets in. Do three sets of eight repetitions of each exercise two to three times per week.

4. If you’re growing bored with your routine, do something different – You don’t have to do the same exercises every time. There are so many different types of exercise – interval training, circuit training, yoga, Zumba, spinning, swimming, running – who said you have to choose one and stick to it? Boredom leads to demotivation; combat it by switching things up when needed.

5. Keep a food journal – Writing down what you eat can help you keep calories in check.  You will need to eat more calories overall in order to gain muscle and improve your fitness level. The body needs adequate energy intake to fuel workouts as well as everyday physical and mental activities.

6. Treat yourself – I love sporty loungewear and my love of bikinis won’t go away.  Whether it’s a facial, a slap up meal or a new hairstyle, always treat yourself for all your hard work and don’t be too obsessive when it comes to exercise, if you miss a few days, so what!

Exercise Barbie Style!


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There is nothing as powerful as a Mother’s Love


Thank you to all our wonderful Mothers for always putting us first and being there no matter what

Today is your day!

I shall be spoiling my Mother with pampering treats and gifts to feel like a Movie Star!

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