The older you get, the more you do!

Fabulous Actress Joan Crawford Quote

CJAGlass Blog September

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Always make time for Breakfast

Breakfast Japanse style – At Harvey Nichols London Delicious!


CJAGlass Blog September

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This is for the man I loved and lost – He knows who he is!…….No need for sad nostalgia, just hope he’s happy


CJAGlass Blog September

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Following my London underground stories, I have now turned a few into poems.  Miss Latimer Road, Baker Street Busker, The Mayor of Mayfair, plus more.  I have so much fun writing about my favourite city and doing illustrations.

It doesn’t stop there.  My New York subway stories, Jovial Jerome Avenue (which is about visiting my friends in the Bronx) Wall St Warlord and more, captures the energy of New York and it’s people.

I’m currently writing about the Paris metro, like many, my trips to Paris have always inspired the Artist in me.  Claudine in Châtelet,  Missing man in Saint-Lazare & others.

Like all my work, The Mayor of Mayfair is a work in progress, it will have many changes, the perfectionist that I am.  I couldn’t believe when I saw this picture online, this is exactly the Mayor type man I had pictured in my mind, who appeared in my dreams.


Does he exist? Oh yes, he’s amongst our midst

There’s always a Mayor of Mayfair in this town

Saville row suit, shine like glass shoes

A classic black umbrella, this is British weather

Chauffeur out of town, no taxi’s around

He must take a ride on the underground

Memories abound, the sights and the sounds

He queues for a ticket, a quick glance at tube-planner

He’s not used to this, so abrupt in manner

He’s head starts to spin, feels dizzy and weak

A young lady stands in and offers her seat

His crisp white hanker chief makes an appearance

Wipes down his forehead wants non-interference

Looks at his watch, there’s only one stop

For him, it all feels too much

I always say….

Don’t judge the man before you know their story

The Mayor of Mayfair was once a poor East End boy

Memories of the War, being huddled, cold, hungry, cramped underground

Hearing the bombs, the cries, England’s most tragic sounds

The tube doors open, the Mayor is up and out like a flash

A man in his late 70’s, he doesn’t like to look back

His Hyde Park mansion, the place he calls home.

The sun shines on, the rain now gone

He thinks to himself how far he has come


CJAGlass Blog September






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Watching ‘Sex and the City’ always puts me in a good mood.  I feel I can relate to all of those women, I have Samantha’s style, Miranders’ sharp mind, Charlotte’s morals and Carrie’s romanticism.  Even though us Brits are so different to American women!  Cannot believe it’s nearly 20 years old! How time flies when one is having fun in the city.


CJAGlass Blog September

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So proud of myself, don’t even need to write down my goals anymore, just keep focused and be proud of one’s achievements.  Acting dreams….


CJAGlass Blog August


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This weekend it’s all about YOU!



CJAGlass Blog August

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