Sending my love to the Mancunians

Manchester is a great city.  So, of course, like the rest of us, we are all deeply saddened by recent events. Teary eyed angered and sickened once again by these attacks when I think of these poor innocent victims and their families.

I have been to Manchester many times, especially when I was younger.  My late Father’s family are from Manchester, Preston, West Hartlepool and Bolton. I have happy memories of visiting the Coronation Street set, walking past the Rochdale canals.  I love the northern sense of humour, their friendly chats and no-nonsense attitude.  This is where my sense of humour comes from, my family up North.  Everyone is straight to the point.

I love the music scene in Manchester, my music collection consists of Oasis (I have all their Albums and the singles), The Stone Roses, The Happy Mondays (How can you not love The Happy Mondays?). We were too young to get into the famous club in Manchester The Hacienda back in the 90’s, which has happy memories for many music lovers.

Manchester is the city you have to visit in your lifetime.  Best music, best comedians, TV drama and the most down to earth, friendliest people.  My thoughts and prayers go out to them.


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After the sheer exhaustion from filming, back to my fiery best!

Time to get things done! Such Superwomen  we are


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or Ambition is always an ongoing mission, my words!


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Brexit Passport of the future?

Out of all of the Designs (as seen on Dezeen) Loving this….

Designer Mark Noad has proposed a tongue-in-cheek series of three passports for three types of inhabitants of the Full United Kingdom. The cover of the first, created for “true Brits”, is coloured traditional blue and is emblazoned with the legend “FUK-U”. The second, for non-British residents of the UK, is European-style red and is labelled “FUK-R”. The third, for diplomats, is the colour of a white flag and “truly represents our standing in the world: FUK-D”.

Each version features a crest with the Latin motto “cave quid volunt” (be careful what you wish for) and the French “adieu a mon amies” (goodbye my friends).


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London is open for business, forever united and #WeAreNotAfraid

Try to destroy our spirit and we get tougher, stand stronger together and this beautiful great City of the world will never be broken.


My thoughts are with the victims of today’s terrible attack in London. My respect goes out to the brave people doing their hardest to keep our city safe day and night.


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I’m loving this show, it’s enthralling, gripping, tense, enchanting…………..those islands, it’s historical, it’s watching what determined human beings can accomplish when they put their mind to a tough challenge. Nine adventurous men (from all walks of life) setting out on a very hard-hitting challenge – My kind of show in other words.

This isn’t Noah’s Ark, this is 9 men in a 23-foot wooden boat – Eek!.  We all know the story of Mutiny on the Bounty, I’ve watched the film ‘The Bounty’ several times as a child, as it was on of my Father’s favourites (Ex-Naval Officer).  I find the sea intriguing, scary, mystical and very cruel.  I love the sound of waves, I find celestial navigation extraordinary and admire Hero Sailors who go out into the sea to find new worlds.

Mutiny is a group of men attempting to recreate the voyage made by William Bligh and a group of 18 loyalists in 1789, when they sailed 3,600 miles in a 23ft long ship.

Led by Captain of the boat former SAS man Ant Middleton – What a guy, this is an absolute Alpha Male like many in the forces.  It was Thomas John Barnado who once said ‘There can only be one captain on a ship’ so when fellow seaman Scouser Chris wants to be in charge, doesn’t like to be told what to do, jumps off rocks just because he feels like it – they have a problem on their hands.  The other men don’t want him on the boat.  I won’t tell you what happens.  There are parts of this show which are grim, intense, sea-sickening and extreme – really seeing human beings suffer here, with one Doctor on the boat, he has his work cut out.

The episode with the Vanuatu Islands is magical.

Mutiny on Channel 4


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Dreaming of travel….Barbie Style


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