To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often

‘To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often’ said Sir Winston Churchill

Canary Wharf picture by C.Glass

When I was in my teenage years. working in the City of London, I made a promise to myself, if I ever aged to 40 I never ever want to still be stuck working in an office.  Alas, I got my magic wish, now I don’t have to.  This picture was taken just a few months ago when I was filming a TV drama, different life, different outlook – The huge shift had occurred.  I certainly do not miss working in Canary Wharf or ‘The City’ where it’s all happening.  Whilst gazing out of those tall building windows, dreaming of a better life, doodling creative pictures in business meetings, that certainly raised a few eyebrows ‘So you’re an artist too?’

I am grateful to have 25 years London business experience behind me though, never ever been in debt and know more about shares than any accomplished City Broker.  One always needs to work in the City, put it this way, no one is able to screw me over financially. ……..And Yes, I still read the FT on shoots, regardless of the funny looks I get.

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Qualified Hair & Make up Stylist - Work in Film/TV/Commercials - Writer & Artist (Metallic Glass)
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