This is not the Future….This is Now!

Love this!

The 140m steel-hulled super yacht Dare to Dream hosts a Zeppelin-like 100m helium-filled airship carrier known as Flying Diamond, a truly never seen before tender. Monaco based visionary designer George Lucian explains: “The idea for the project came from my passion for yachting and my fascination with the airships that were flying in the early 20th Century, transporting passengers across the ocean in a very elegant and stylish manner with luxurious amenities on board.”

The angular lines of the yacht part of futuristic combo concept are spectacular and eye-catching, and there is no lack of flush deck space to house other tenders, and even a helicopter. The airship, which will be tethered tied up when not in use, will have its own living quarters with a salon and one or two suites, as well as rooms for the crew. There is ample space on the yacht for a dozen guests and for the crew three times over that, as well as a facility for storing and producing helium to keep the airship in the air.

By an incredible Artist

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