Education Debate


I was having this debate the other week with my ‘Young Mother friends’ – I don’t believe in private tuition and I know if I had my own child, I would want them learning and mixing with others in a group tuition environment.  I feel there are a lot of charlatans out there giving private tuition, who are charging extortionate fees and taking parents for a ride. Some are not even qualified or that knowledgeable.  I’m shocked to learn some haven’t even being given a full security check.  In this day and age, I worry more and more about children, what kind of world are they living in now.  I always think, if the kid is getting private tuition in the first place, what the hell is wrong with them? Why can’t they learn in the class like the rest of the kids – what are they lacking?

I went to a great state school (not private schools, unlike my cousins) and got everything I could out of it, I poured over every book, I made sure I got the best grades and topped up by school books with gold stars (although, as you notice from my blog, my spelling and grammar could be improved a bit, always in a rush apologise).  We got drama lessons, which I’m so grateful for because now they are becoming more and more limited in the curriculum.  I was a shy bookish child who liked to do her artwork in a quiet peaceful environment, I certainly wasn’t smoking behind the bike sheds or sniffing glue, burning Bunson burners for far too long and burping loudly for attention.  The bad apples of my school who ‘bunked off’ I would never understand – Education is a golden gift, a lot of people would give their right arm for, so many people STILL in this world cannot get.  It was only in the playground I learned to be boisterous and shout my mouth off  (I went to a very loud Essex state school).  I certainly believe in that feeling that coming from a state school environment you learn how to fight BIG TIME (I’ve still got the knee scar from hockey, don’t worry I tripped them up in my own way – words are always sharper).  I would have liked to have gone to a performing arts school in London, but much preferred a state school with real characters and different people from all walks of life. The thought of a toff private school makes me feel quite ill actually. I despise English snobbery.

I’ve never had that ticking clock (whatever that is) for children, I still feel 25 most days. Being competitive and the best has never changed from the past to now.  I never had any of that private tuition nonsense, probably because I had a super smart Father and Mother who would know the answers.  My own Mother was better than my French teacher, My Father the Math Teacher.  I felt better than everyone in my Art class and Drama come to think of it anyway.

Read this interesting report from First Tutors.



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2 Responses to Education Debate

  1. Emily says:

    Caroline, I love how you are so straight to the point, don’t ever change! Have a fab Xmas if I don’t speak to you before then xx

  2. Caroline says:

    Thank you so much Emily, same to you!

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