I’ve been reading about this ghost platoon, the story of the pathfinders in the press.  Now there is a book out written by the handsome and dashing, former captain David Blakely called Pathfinders.  According to the Sunday Times bestsellers, it’s listed at number 9, with Sam Faiers Living the Essex way (TOWIE)  currently at number two – Just goes to show how much people love the Essex way of life and that show! (I don’t mind Sam and Minnie’s Boutique, so good for her- milk it while you can!)

Back to Pathfinders, this is a book all about the special forces. I love books like this, the public have a right to know what is going on in the world. After Bravo Two Zero, there was a strict gagging order in place not to tell one’s story. I would recommend this book and not the Essex book please – Have we really become a shallow nation that is just interested in fake tan and Arg and Gemma’s relationship carry on’s in Towie??  Read what’s really important in the world and you might learn something!


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