London is open for business, forever united and #WeAreNotAfraid

Try to destroy our spirit and we get tougher, stand stronger together and this beautiful great City of the world will never be broken.


My thoughts are with the victims of today’s terrible attack in London. My respect goes out to the brave people doing their hardest to keep our city safe day and night.


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I’m loving this show, it’s enthralling, gripping, tense, enchanting…………..those islands, it’s historical, it’s watching what determined human beings can accomplish when they put their mind to a tough challenge. Nine adventurous men (from all walks of life) setting out on a very hard-hitting challenge – My kind of show in other words.

This isn’t Noah’s Ark, this is 9 men in a 23-foot wooden boat – Eek!.  We all know the story of Mutiny on the Bounty, I’ve watched the film ‘The Bounty’ several times as a child, as it was on of my Father’s favourites (Ex-Naval Officer).  I find the sea intriguing, scary, mystical and very cruel.  I love the sound of waves, I find celestial navigation extraordinary and admire Hero Sailors who go out into the sea to find new worlds.

Mutiny is a group of men attempting to recreate the voyage made by William Bligh and a group of 18 loyalists in 1789, when they sailed 3,600 miles in a 23ft long ship.

Led by Captain of the boat former SAS man Ant Middleton – What a guy, this is an absolute Alpha Male like many in the forces.  It was Thomas John Barnado who once said ‘There can only be one captain on a ship’ so when fellow seaman Scouser Chris wants to be in charge, doesn’t like to be told what to do, jumps off rocks just because he feels like it – they have a problem on their hands.  The other men don’t want him on the boat.  I won’t tell you what happens.  There are parts of this show which are grim, intense, sea-sickening and extreme – really seeing human beings suffer here, with one Doctor on the boat, he has his work cut out.

The episode with the Vanuatu Islands is magical.

Mutiny on Channel 4


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Dreaming of travel….Barbie Style


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Have fun being mischevious & ruffling some feathers




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Special edition YSL Touche Eclait – Celebrating 25 years in the business, Star Edition



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Fancy Writing For ELLE’s Print Magazine?


Elle Magazine annual talent writing competition is back, now in their 9th year.  Please look at the details here……..might even give it a go myself!

My advice, get out all your copies of Elle and other top fashion magazines to be inspired and look at current trends and past fashion trends you think may be useful.



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Many Companies are giving away gifts for Random Acts of kindness Day – You tell them who you would like to give the gift to.


My random acts of kindness have no bounds.  After being kind to someone recently back in my hometown, rushing around trying to make the post, queuing for quite a while, I felt content that I had bestowed some human kindness to someone I care about and given up my precious time – Because isn’t that what random acts of kindness is?

Afterwards’s, a strange thing happened………..As I walked down the street, walking back past the road in fact of my parents old home, I never go back visiting my old homes, I don’t feel I need to, not really one for nostalgia, after all, the memories are always in one’s head, not the home.  Walking past, I stumbled across a pound coin on the floor glistening in the darkness and then another one, then another one……and another one all leading up to over £8 and a few pennies.  I thought this is odd, you often find a penny on the floor, not all this change – I felt bad for whoever had dropped it, what if it was an old lady losing her bus fare money, never mind the fact this is an affluent area, this is still someone’s hard earned cash, however, little money it is, they will still miss it.  These coins were almost in alignment (I kid you not).  Also, 8 is my lucky number.  I looked around to see if anyone was walking by, no one was around, just me on my own with this odd dilemma, what a bizarre occurrence – Or were they pennies from heaven as they say? Were they payback to me for shelling out on my Random act of kindness.  The universe was paying me back in kind. A lot of strange and wonderful things happen like that to me and sometimes it makes me wonder.  Still looking around for people who would surely be miffed if they lost this money (albeit a small amount, still enough to buy someone a meal).  Do I pick them up or do I leave them? I decided to pick them up and thought, well I’m not spending it as it’s someone else’s money.  It wouldn’t feel right. Instead the next day, I dropped it off at the local charity place.


CJAGlass Blog February


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