JANUARY – Detox & Cleanse Everything

I don’t get January blues in January, not just because it’s my Birthday soon but because I enjoy starting the New Year afresh.  It’s time to detox and start anew.

Detox your body

As well as the exercise that includes walking 10,000+ steps per day, go easy on the food.  It’s about eating food within the 8 hour period and keeping 16 hours at least food free so your stomach can cleanse naturally and get rid of all the toxins accumulated.  I feel so much better for this already, I have breakfast later now and the main dinner at lunchtime and maybe something later on if I really feel like it.  Personally, a fruit smoothie will fill me up in the evening.

As always, make sure you are consuming at least two litres of water per day to help flush the toxins from your body and rehydrate your cells.  If you have flooded your body with alcohol, sugar, and fat, your body will be full of toxins. Give your liver a rest from dealing with these toxins by laying off the alcohol and putting some colour back in your fridge. I don’t drink alcohol anyway, so don’t need to worry about staying off it.

Bin all ‘beige’ leftovers including anything breaded, fried, battered or pastry encrusted, and replace with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, eggs, seeds, pulses, and fish.

Reduce your complex carbohydrates like pasta and rice and try something new like lentil, chickpea pasta or quinoa which have higher protein content and will help you feel full for longer.

This fabulous lady Subah Jain has a great explanation for this (just not sure about the enema)

Detox your Wardrobe

This shouldn’t take long, I’ve mentioned this before on my Blog.  Also, British Vogue has great advice here:


Sell what you don’t want.  I bought a vintage 1950’s dress from a Charity shop for film work recently (a fiver) and low and behold, they included a Dolce & Gabbana belt with it.  Another designer piece I can sell on Ebay.

Detox your Make up

On general, makeup only lasts 3-6 months.  I add the extra 2 months as soon as I buy it from a store and mark the date on the product, as it’s probably been stored in Factories for weeks before it hits the shelves.  Any expired mascaras and eyeliners may give you a stye or puffy eyes and old foundation can cause breakouts and rashes.  Expensive compacts, if they have mirrors, are always good to keep for your handbag, just clean out the old makeup.

Old make up sponges, get rid off as soon you use them (they are so cheap to buy, £1 from local stores for a bag).  Cotton buds are good to put makeup on and take off.

Washing make up brushes should be done as soon as you use them, and yes we were taught at Makeup school to wash and condition these brushes to keep the bristles strong yet soft.

Detox from certain People

Yes, people, I was up all night thinking about some people I know, how they have treated me, how many have used me to load their problems onto and basically drained me from energy.  The relationships that have served their purpose in some way.  Some people should not be in your world, especially as you are growing and trying to make a success of your life.  Cutting people out of your life is a skill.  I read this the other day –

‘Poor friendships not only impact our emotional well-being negatively, but they also negatively affect our physical health, immunity, and longevity.  Being around negative people will make you negative no matter how imperviously positive you think you are’

So what is the answer? Simple, just walk away.

No need to be rude to them or ghost them, just get on with your own life.  Trust me it works, they eventually get the message.

I was reading my emails from people I know, who do want the best for me, who wish me success in my life, my work and ask me how I feel and how my family are, they care, these are genuine people who have been in my life just recently or forever and I’m ever grateful for these friendships.  The joy of getting older is you realise who is for real or who is just out for themselves.

Keep off social media.  I find sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter so toxic and creepy.  Start the new year keeping far far away from it.

Meanwhile, try your luck here…

Win a great cleanse and holiday to Bali – Closes 1st February 


Good Luck!


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Finally a bit of a rest this Christmas time, this year has been a whirlwind and my diary for January 2019 is already booked up for film shoots.  Even my Blog has been neglected, which I can only apologise for.

Christmas time can be very stressful and overwhelming for most people.  I kind of like the busyness of it all, but when you are feeling overwhelmed, put on some soothing music, put the kettle on, jot down the things you are grateful for this year and get organised – Write down a list of things you have to do.  Because my work schedule has been so chaotic, I still made a point of fitting in my exercises, emailing friends and sorting out my gifts and cards.  I even got to watch my old school friend Angela on TV on ‘Escape to the Chateau’ who is now living in France (so many people I grew up with are in TV and film now).

I love decorating the home.

As always my heart goes out to those suffering this time of year and one cannot escape the news of humans & animals around the globe going through traumas.  We are living in very uncertain times, especially economically and I’m not going to get political, we all know what’s coming ahead.  As a Brit, I keep my fantastic sense of humour through all the nonsense.

I wish my Blog readers a very Merry Christmas, lots of love, good health, success & prosperity in the New Year!

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Lovely surprise to see a big ball of Swiss Lindt chocolate arrive when I came home from the Dentist, I’m trying to be good before I get my Damon Braces.

It’s bigger than my office doll!

Definitely, have to share this one out.

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We don’t give to Get – We give to inspire others to give.  It’s as simple as that!

CJAGlass Blog November

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This STILL makes me howl with laughter

I thought I was good at impressions, but this is probably the best Ray Romano impression EVER!

Jon Hamm, the only Actor I do have time for.


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Ancestry: The research has started again

After being so moved by yesterdays Armistice Centenary, I feel I have to delve deeper into my family history.  Ancestry.co.uk and Findmypast.com are the best websites for research.  It’s amazing what one can find, I mean you could write a book about my family. Maybe I will one day ;>

My books for reference, need to buy a WW1 book.

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The work always comes first!


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