Snow in February – oh yes!

Thank you notes and Summer invitations – Etiquette at it’s best

Birthday cards still arriving to me from abroad – Never too late – Thank you!

Hot Chocolate from Costa on a cold day – Lush

My new 3am Journal by Kikki K – Keep those idea’s flowing when you have trouble sleeping – Check out her fabulous range in Selfridges


London Fashion Week – 16th – 20th Feb – Bringing in well over £200 million pounds every time

Well spoken London kids with good manners showing me their Instagram making money tips – Very sassy

The new art exhibitions at the RA

The Koppel Project in Marylebone – This is the in place to go for creatives – Lots of amazing events this month

Spring Fashions – I want everything in Zara!

Making money on Gumtree & Ebay – The average person has around £1,000 worth of clutter they do not need anymore.  Ebay currently have free listings too

Long Winter walks, got to fit those 10,000 steps a day in

Fresh fruit and smoothies – Thanks to Innocent drinks and their vouchers – I’m stocked up!

Maxfactor Makeup Healthy skin harmony – A miracle foundation indeed – My skin has never looked or felt better

The latest edition of Writing Magazine that comes with a neat 2018 year planner



Valentines – Nauseating beyond believe – If you have any class about you and get a card bin it or better yet recycle it.  As for dates, I’m glad I’m on a shoot.  Enough already!

Pesky kids scooting around the place on those bikes that trip people up – Half term Mayhem

Early morning shoots where you are up at the same time as the pigeons and start to resemble one

Grossly expensive rail fares – They go up every year and one still cannot get a seat.

London living wages – Don’t even start me on that, this is why people need numerous jobs.

Rich dark Chocolate – My body can’t take it anymore, unfortunately


CJAGlass Blog February


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Catching up with my friends from America, all those years gone by and we still look so young!

Loving the new song from French DJ Kungs featuring the lovely Olly Murs & Coely


CJAGlass Blog January

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Candlelight supper time!


I’m No. 4, when I have just heard some distasteful gossip about someone I know – Quite ghastly!


CJAGlass Blog January

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If you find yourself in Mayfair, check out this…

By French Artist & Photographer JR (JArt)


CJAGlass Blog January

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To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often

‘To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often’ said Sir Winston Churchill

Canary Wharf picture by C.Glass

When I was in my teenage years. working in the City of London, I made a promise to myself, if I ever aged to 40 I never ever want to still be stuck working in an office.  Alas, I got my magic wish, now I don’t have to.  This picture was taken just a few months ago when I was filming a TV drama, different life, different outlook – The huge shift had occurred.  I certainly do not miss working in Canary Wharf or ‘The City’ where it’s all happening.  Whilst gazing out of those tall building windows, dreaming of a better life, doodling creative pictures in business meetings, that certainly raised a few eyebrows ‘So you’re an artist too?’

I am grateful to have 25 years London business experience behind me though, never ever been in debt and know more about shares than any accomplished City Broker.  One always needs to work in the City, put it this way, no one is able to screw me over financially. ……..And Yes, I still read the FT on shoots, regardless of the funny looks I get.

CJAGlass Blog January

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Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, be kind, be good and always give back!

Thanks for your cards, treats and sweet messages – Always appreciated!

Dream Big in 2018!


CJAGlass Blog December



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Take me to the place where the sunshine flows!

Artist Visa is on the top of my 40th Birthday list!


CJAGlass Blog December

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